This Saturday, November 28, 2020, is dedicated towards supporting small businesses! As a way of showing our support and appreciation, we are offering other small business owners the chance to SAVE 10% on every $1,000.00 spent (up to $500 off), when you purchase new floors from us this Saturday.

Small Business Saturday is always celebrated on the last weekend in November, which is one of the busiest times of the year when it comes to holiday shoppers looking for a great deal on select products. This year is no different! In fact, many retailers are releasing their discounts early, and online, in hopes that it will significantly minimize their total number of in-store shoppers.

Another reason to avoid over-picked, crowded big box stores during the holidays, are the unique gift options that you can find when you shop at locally-owned small businesses. No matter what big ticket item(s) you are on the hunt for this holiday season, browsing the inventory at your local mom-and-pop shop will always have benefits, that are exclusive to small business owners, that large retailers simply cannot offer. Below we highlight reasons that are specific to those who are wanting new floors this holiday season and why they should consider purchasing from a locally-owned small business, instead of purchasing from large corporate retailers.


Many of the big box store retailers offer a very limited number of flooring samples in-stores for shoppers to come browse. At Dalton Discount Floors and More, we have over a hundred different flooring styles displayed throughout our store for you to view and touch. Also featured throughout our showroom are our 20 bestselling carpet and luxury vinyl flooring products, allowing customers the ability to walk on different flooring samples and compare them in person, so you have a true understanding of what you are paying for when it comes to the different price tiers across our inventory. Finding the best flooring option, within your desired budget, can be a challenge—we get it! That’s why, as a small business owner, we take pride in reducing the amount of time (and headaches) that can go into choosing the perfect new floor that fits your lifestyle needs.


Many large retailers attract consumers by luring them in with the option to save money when they buy in bulk, but in order to receive these special discounts, one is typically charged an annual membership fee. Think of it this way, big box stores sell an array of product categories across many different brands, so their intention to target consumers that are willing to buy more, by spending more, makes sense in order for them to accommodate this marketing approach. On the contrary, small business owners have more control over the specific type of floor they wish to promote in-store, which can save you (the consumer) the hassle of having to go store-to-store to find the select style you’re most interested in shopping. To further support this, we also offer customers convenient, free in-home estimates and the ability to have specific flooring samples shipped directly to your home (whereas, big retailers like Lowes and Home Depot, do not offer these same convenient services).


Small businesses owners are typically more involved in their local community and have dedicated their time to form ongoing relationships with those around them, so naturally they have a better understanding of the type of floor design that is in high-demand around them.  At our local, carpet and hardwood flooring store, we operate with a consumer-first approach. With the consumer at the forefront of our decision-making, we hand-pick the types of floor patterns, colors, textures and trends available in-store, to best fit the needs of those closest to our small business. With this approach, our carpet, hardwood, laminate and vinyl flooring selections at Dalton Discount Floors and More are more defined, and come from only a select few flooring manufacturers, but they’re specifically chosen to accommodate what our customers truly want, and need.


During the holidays, buying gifts from large brick-and-mortar stores can often be a hassle that we try to avoid. From traffic delays, to busy parking lots, crowded shopping aisles and long checkout lines, all these factors make going in-store to browse for presents even less desirable. At our small business, not only do you avoid the stress of a large crowd, but you also are more at ease when you see the extra attention we are able to provide our clients the moment they walk into our flooring showroom.


When you support small businesses in your area, you’re supporting your local economy, which leads to future improvements within your community. As a local small business, your friends and neighbors are also your customers, so there’s more incentive to maintain a positive brand reputation. At Dalton Discount Floors and More our commitment to excellence is highlighted through our highly-rated customer reviews, and our customer referral program, which offers past purchasers’ free cash when they refer a new, purchasing customer.

If you are unable to get out and shop this Saturday, November 28th, at locally-owned small businesses, below are some tips on how you can still show your support without spending a dime!

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