You’ve just installed new floors, congratulations! While floors are made to walk on, no one can blame you for wanting to keep them looking new for as long as possible. Spills, stains and dirt are just a part of everyday life, floors are an investment and when properly cared for can endure for generations.


A weekly routine is necessary for keeping your floors beautiful and free from compromising damage. First thing to do is make sure you put down a mat at all entrances to keep as much tracked-in dirt and debris from getting on the floors as possible. A weekly/semi-weekly routine of broom sweeping/dust mopping with a soft-bristled broom and then thoroughly vacuuming with a hard surface attachment will keep any dirt, dust and debris from sitting on your floors and causing any scratches or permanent damage.

Cleaning up spills immediately goes a long way toward ensuring your floors don’t warp, stain or sustain water damage. It’s crucial you never let any moisture sit on the floor or soak in.  Mop weekly/semi-weekly using a soft microfiber mop which is gentle enough to prevent any surface scratches. We emphasize the importance of damp mopping, never saturate your floors with water! To liven up drab and dull finishes, occasionally you will want to apply a shine-boosting floor polish. We recommend at least twice a year or more depending on how much foot traffic you have. Avoid any products with ammonia, bleach or other harsh chemical that will discolor or damage. Never use vinegar and water, a wax or a petroleum-based product, these will trap in dirt and then scratch the surface of your flooring.

To avoid fading or discoloring from prolonged sun exposure we suggest you have window treatments or area rugs to be able to close or lay down during periods of the day when sun exposure is highest.

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If you have carpeted floors, you know the pain of watching your spotless new carpet slowly deteriorate. It can seem tricky to keep carpet like new, but it’s not impossible. Just like hard surfaces, first thing to do is have entrance mats at all exits of your home. This, coupled with not wearing shoes indoors can alleviate stress on your carpet by lowering the amount of pollutants that are brought in and tracked across the carpet.

Trim all loose ends and snags, they may start out small but can quickly develop into a bigger problem especially if you have pets in the home. Monitor high-traffic areas from friction and pressure of being walked on and use as a benchmark for the rest of your carpet. If possible, rotate your furniture and move it around every 6 months to prevent premature wear and tear caused by the weight of the furniture. This can also redirect foot traffic and give a chance for the carpet to wear more evenly.

Like hard surfaces, clean spills as soon as it happens by botting not rubbing, even if it seems small.  Make sure you are clear on the warranty from the manufacturer and follow their procedures for clean-up. Most carpets today if handled properly will clean up with little effort.

Vacuuming is key to maintaining carpet on a day-to-day basis and using the right machine can save you a lot of time and money in the future. If you have flat or a low pile carpet, a vacuum with a rotating brush can extract dirt and crumbs easily. If you have loop pile carpet you will want to avoid a rotating brush as it will damage the pile. A few common mistakes to avoid when vacuuming:  always vacuum in both directions (with and against the pile), empty vacuum frequently and adjust the heights to appropriate pile. 

Lastly, professional services like steam cleaning and shampooing can help lengthen your carpet’s lifespan and maintain it’s like new appearance. A healthy, well-kept carpet will look better, feel softer and last longer.