Engineered hardwood uses real wood and you get natural tones, grain and other distinct characteristics of real wood. Laminate can mimic this too thus both creating a traditional wood floor appearance. There are pros and cons to both so let’s look at what is the best choice for you.

When it comes to durability both rate well in this category but in different ways. Laminate holds up better if scratches and dents are a concern. While a dog paw or a heavy piece of furniture might damage your engineered wood floor, laminate would hold up better under these circumstances. Laminate also doesn’t fade or stain as easily as engineered hardwoods. Laminate floors can chip over time and you also cannot refinish it like engineered hardwoods. It may take a little more care but engineered hardwoods tend to last many years longer than a typical laminate floor.

Both engineered and laminate offer more water and moisture resistance than solid hardwoods. The fiberboard cores of each product along with the finishes work to repel water and prevent the boards from expanding and retracting causing your floors to look warped. In fact, laminate and engineered floors are an excellent choice in kitchens and basements. It is important to note that laminate and engineered are water-resistant and not waterproof. Clean up spills quickly and monitor any humidity to keep floors safe from any moisture damage.

The cleaning and maintenance of laminate and engineered require similar attention. Dry mop and sweep on a regular basis to avoid debris gathering over any period of time. We recommend you perform a deep clean using special products designed for these floors to perk up the shine or prevent damage to the finish or wear layer on these floors.

When it comes to the ease of installation, laminate is both cheaper and easier to install. Laminate is a floating interlocking plank with an easy-to-use tongue and groove system. You can install engineered in this manner but usually requires gluing, nailing or stapling the planks to subflooring. With the right preparation DIYers can install both laminate and engineered flooring on their own.

Come in and talk with our professionals to help you make the right choice for your needs on your next flooring project.