Because there are so many types of carpet it is hard to remember all the details. When it really comes down to it, there are two types you need to be familiar with:  cut pile and loop pile. Let’s break it down to help decide what is right for you!

What you see and feel when you are looking at carpet is known as the pile. It is the weaving process of looping fibers back and forth through the backing that specifies if fibers have been clipped or left in loop form. This has a significant impact on the carpets ease of maintenance, appearance, durability and comfort.

Cut Pile is the most popular style and is created when the fiber loops are cut, hence the name. The result is an upright pile and the ends of the carpet fiber are exposed. Loop pile carpets are exactly how the name sounds and not sheared like cut pile. Both come in a variety of weights, lengths, thicknesses. While cut pile is usually made out of polyester and wool, loop pile typically is made from nylon, wool and olefin.

Both are very durable to foot traffic which makes them an ideal choice for hallways and stairs. Cut pile contains a twist which helps it stand up and resist matting. Loop pile is trackless so no walking tracks or vacuum marks will show. Loop pile may not be the best choice if you have pets. Pet claws can tend to make this type look tousled or beat up over time while cut pile is softer underfoot it can be more difficult to clean due to the loose fibers allowing liquids and dirt to spread into the carpet. Be sure to do your homework on warranties when it comes to spills and pet messes!

The most popular style of cut pile is Frieze or more known as the “modern day shag”. Berber and Sisal are the stand out styles in the loop pile family.  Our design specialists can guide you through the wide selection of products we offer to help you express you sense of style and be proud of it for years to come.