LVP is 100% waterproof, therefore, eliminates one of the biggest concerns that homeowners have about installing vinyl planks in a bathroom.  No need to worry about splashes, leaks, and humidity that causes damage to laminate, engineered hardwood, or real hardwoods.

The ability to resist moisture is not the only reason why this affordable and stylish option is a great idea for the bathroom. It’s quick and easy to install and there is no mortar or grout that comes with ceramic or porcelain tile. It is also easier to cut and smaller to maneuver around tight spaces that is may come with a powder room or around a toilet, shower or free-standing vanity/tub.

Another added benefit of LVP flooring is that it doesn’t get as cold as natural stone tile and because it stays close to room temperature, you’ll be more comfortable on your early morning barefoot walks to your bathroom. It also isn’t as hard on your joints and the softer material provides more give when you are walking that your knees and ankles will thank you!


MOHAWK SOLIDTECH WANDERER’S LOOP in Grayson, GA from Dalton Discount Floors & More

This tile gives you that natural stone look without the added headaches mentioned above


Mohawk solidtech unchartered territory in Grayson, GA from Dalton Discount Floors & More

Real wood could potentially be a nightmare in a bathroom, especially when you have a tub where spill and splashes are likely to happen. This look is a home owners dream!  All the protection from water but the look of real wood planks that also is offered in a variety of colors and styles to fit your design need.

LVP is ideal for bathrooms because of all the benefits discussed above and it’s easy to install, extremely durable and 100% waterproof. This is also an inexpensive upgrade that is easy to maintain. Come in to check out our entire LVP selection and speak with one of our design specialists to make the right choice for you!