The Wood Feel of RevWood

Mohawk takes investing in our community seriously by carrying innovative products that make life better for our customers. Their philosophy is to invest in environmentally responsible practices that lead the pack in eco-friendly flooring from carpet to hardwood laminate and tile.

Looking for that hardwood floor that has more? RevWood by Mohawk is just one of many Mohawk products to choose from when wanting a wood without compromise. This product has a glueless locking system that creates a watertight seal so tight that it can be steam mopped! The protective coating repels moisture making spills and splashes easy to wipe as well as having the All Pet Protection Warranty…..all pets all accidents all the time. This flooring is 3X more scratch resistant that looks and feels like real hardwood floors.

Why choose this over the nailed down or glued products? It’s a simple and cost-effective installation. A nailed down product is time consuming and requires a wood sub floor (not an option when the home is on a slab) which may need repair or need to be replaced due to nail damage when you want to make a change or your floor needs a repair. The price of “glued down” is considerably more due to the adhesive costs and the glue has to be completely removed to prevent uneven floors when wanting to make a change.

Come in and meet our specialists for inspiration and trends as well as everything you need to know before making that final decision on your floors.