Flooring installation in Grayson, GA from Dalton Discount Floors & More


Planning well for a new floor installation helps the process progress smoothly whether you are installing vinyl, laminates, hardwoods or carpet. The process may involve a lot of activities and wastes that you should handle appropriately so, keeping things tidy is the way to go.  You will also want to keep your pets and valuables safe from dust and debris. By following these simple steps, you will help make this process a success.

- It would be helpful to offer and then create a working space for the installer to prepare materials for trimming and resizing. This area would be best located close to an entrance into your home. The best of the best installation crews will always clean up and dispose of all their own trash but having adequate garbage bins certainly proves helpful.

- Ensure the safety of your pets as they are part of many families. Installers may leave gates or doors open at any given time therefore, putting your pets in an area or enclosure where they cannot sneak out or intrude keeps them restricted but safe. Keep in mind that dust and other particles may be harmful to your pets.

- All furniture will need to be removed from the space and it is essential to remove all delicate items as well. Most companies doing the installation will move the large pieces (negotiate this prior to installation date) but you are responsible for wall hangings, drapes, pictures, breakables, and items of value. Large items may include sofas, coffee tables, chairs, appliances and any sub-flooring. Ensure that electric systems, water taps and gas to appliances are disconnected and it would be courteous to set your temperature to be conducive for the new floor installer.

- Systematically arrange the room to be tidy and easy to maneuver while keeping pathways clean and clutter free. At times the process may turn messy so closing off other rooms that aren’t being worked on protects them from dust and other materials.

Whether you are employing the flooring company or installing yourself, it is a good idea to have a plan. Discuss all these details with your salesman or have your plan in writing prior to installation to ensure a smooth process. You will be glad you did!