So, you’ve decided to replace your floors with new carpet--Congrats! Now the tricky part is deciding on which type of carpet is best for your space. To help narrow down the decision-making process, consider the below key points before you begin to shop different samples.

It’s important to understand not only the different fibers used in carpets, but also the multiple styles, this way you are equipped with the pros and cons of each. There’s more to shopping for carpet than just the style and fibers, you will also want to consider your personal lifestyle needs such as, allergies, children and/or pets. Let’s start with lifestyle preferences, this way we can discuss why one style or fiber might fit your needs better than others.

For those living with children and/or pets, let’s talk about the benefits of polyester fibers, shall we? Nylon has been the more notorious fiber for years, however, recently it’s polyester that takes the cake when it comes to cleaning up messes and having minimal stains. You will also want to keep in mind that any loop/pattern or berber style carpets will be prone to getting picked if you have pets with long claws. To conclude, large families looking for a one-fits-all carpet solution, a multi-colored low-cut pile with tightly twisted fibers will be most suitable for stairwells, common areas and bedrooms, especially if you or someone in your household suffer from allergies.

On the other hand, for those empty nesters that want a more plush, textured carpet, you might consider nylon, wool or some type of fiber blend. Nylon has always been the more costly of the two, mainly due to the material not being as easily recycled as polyester, which is comprised of reusable plastic (PET). In short, technology is slowly bridging the gaps between nylon and polyester fibers, and which is more durable. However, given the process of how polyester carpets are manufactured, this material will always be naturally more stain-resistant.

One last crucial, word of advice, make sure to pay attention to the manufacturers warranty and consider upgrading your carpet padding. The type of padding can make a BIG difference when it comes to comfort, acoustics and thermal insulation.