2022 Color trends by Dalton Discount Floors & More


Like most homeowners, you are always looking to see the latest in colors and trends for your home. Let’s take a look at what is trending and what will be lasting over the next several years. The latest color trends focus on numerous shades that will make you feel good, be it a fresh green, a soft blue, or a mixture of neutral earthy tones. You’ll find that there is something for everyone, whether you wish to stay in the neutral zone or get creative with colors.

Calm and comforting colors for the home continue to focus on creating spaces that are havens of soothing colors in this ever-changing world.  This trend includes neutral colors with a warm tone and can paired with soft, clay-infused pinks and olive green. These colors create an oasis feel that add a sense of calm. Professionals believe that the popularity of earth tones will continue to rise past 2022. You can add in reds and yellows that lean a little towards organic.

Shades that inspire trust and an even more calm feel, you can choose to go for colors such as blue that associate with a sense of reliability.  Many experts have noted ocean hues as an important trend and some have even named blue as the color or the year. There are so many ways you can incorporate blues into your design. Blue-green settings are said to promote calm and relaxation.

Bright blues are always welcome. A new year is quickly approaching and is an ideal time for you to break all your old habits and relaunch yourself with a brand-new sense of optimism. The 2021 year has shaped up to become a classic example of this, especially when we talk about color. Many designers believe that punchy, bright colors and jewel tones are going to be perfect for your home interior for 2022.  Similar trends emphasizing rich turquoise, yellows, magenta, jewel-toned greens, orange and other bold hues balance perfectly with grounding black and warm neutral shades. If the bright is not your vibe you can also go with the pastel version of the bright colors too.

All the colors you surround yourself with in your home can affect the way you feel and your overall mood or well-being. We have noticed a continued interest in green among homeowners. These hues can range from sage to olive, to blueish shades. Whether paired with a more neutral color or a contrasting color, green is a great color to work with when renovating your home. Not only is it perfect for your entire set-up but can serve as a backdrop shade for many other colors.  If you want to make your home a more refreshing and calmer place an addition of green, known as a neutral because of its versatility and deep connection to the natural world, may just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

The question we’ve all been waiting for……is gray still a thing for 2022? It’s been trending for many years now and experts believe that gray might see a drop in 2022. The general trend across the industry seems to be leaning a lot toward brighter or warmer shades rather than cooler more sterile tones. Instead of gray, you can try using softer brown and cream neutrals in your space. One should always select colors that make you feel happy and lift your mood. If gray gives you a sense of well-being, by all means, keep using it.

Using the right colors can help you elevate any space, turning a kitchen into the home’s warm heart, a bedroom into a soothing get-away, or an office into a sanctuary of creativity. Get inspired by these wide-range color schemes and plan your next home or update décor today. Our team here at Dalton Discount Floors and More can help you find the perfect color for your home.  We will incorporate the latest industry trends and your preferences together to give you a home that best represents your personality.