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You can create a happy holiday home that everyone can enjoy no matter what holiday you celebrate this time of year. Combine the fun of adding comfort to each room with your holiday decorating and creating opportunities to make everyone merry and bright with a family game or a family dinner.

Set the tone with a festive entry so when friends and family arrive it feels welcoming from the outside in. Put a wreath on your door along with garland and lights of your favorite holiday colors. I’m a fan of simple so things don’t look cluttered or messy. Large spaces allow you to get a little more creative and definitely focus on the spaces where everyone will gather like the living room/den and the dining room table.

Have a plan to organize hats, coats, boots, and keys and a floor mat to pick up any extra dirt tracked in on guest shoes. You will want to gather these items along with gifts to make each person feel welcome. Offer snacks and beverages as soon as they arrive and if there are children have games and activities set up so parents can relax with the other adults.

When you are preparing for a holiday gathering you want there to be plenty of places for people to mingle with one another. Extra seating, pillows, and snuggly blankets along with extra coasters in each room will help create comfortable spaces for everyone to visit with one another.

Be sure to close off areas of your home that are off-limits by shutting doors. People will naturally wander with food and drink in hand so keep cleaning supplies handy to protect floors and rugs in case of any spills. By adding some protective bottoms to your chairs, these bottoms will minimize wear and tear on hardwoods as well as LVP.

When hosting a sit-down meal, it is a good idea to set up a seating chart with personalized place settings and name cards. This will help organize guests that should or should not be seated together. Place settings are a cozy element to bring in the festive spirit and the thoughtfulness of personalized name cards is always appreciated by your guests.

This time of the year can tend to be stressful. So, whether you are traveling, shopping, wrapping, or hosting.........give the gift of kindness, laughter, and love this season. HAPPY HOLIDAY FROM TRACY AND JENNI AT DALTON DISCOUNT FLOORS AND MORE