Flooring Trends

The flooring in your home provides a foundation for any living space and is a crucial part of your everyday life. Over centuries, flooring has proved to be a functional and even stylish home feature. Let’s take a look at the trends and talk about what you need to know now if you’re looking to remodel or sell your home.

Interior design takes on new styles and popular trends as people’s tastes change and styles update. Trends change rapidly from decade to decade due to inventions, innovations, advancements, and installation processes. The latest trends can differ from five and even less than two years. The latest trends should go a long way in enhancing your living space, therefore, reflecting your aesthetics and personal lifestyle.

Following popular flooring trends can be a significant asset to your property when looking to resell or update. While trends have come and gone over time, we can borrow largely from the past. Authentic wood flooring and options that mimic hardwood have gained popularity over the last century. Continued improvements to floor production mean that your options are constantly increasing. You can now achieve the natural hardwood look with more affordable and durable options such as engineered wood, waterproof vinyl, or laminate.

By the start of the 2000s, the distressed and textured hardwood floor look in addition to different shades of wood staining was catching the attention of most designers and consumers alike. Matte colors and wide planks became stylish once more with consumers appreciating the affordability of the previously mentioned options and its ability to replicate hardwoods.With hardwood flooring rebounding in popularity, hard surface floors have continued to flourish. These floors are a great selling point and can drastically increase a home's property value. Hard surfaces like laminate, LVP, and engineered wood have remained a popular choice in the main living areas in a home, while carpet continues to be the choice for bedrooms and cozy spaces.

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