How to select a carpet for a home with pets?

It’s a difficult choice, pets or carpet? At Dalton Discount Floors & More, we say that you don’t have to exclude carpets from pets. Just because you have a pet doesn't mean that you can't have carpet too. You can find a rug that is just right for you and your pet.

Today’s carpet is not yesterday’s carpet

Carpet used to have a bad reputation of staining and wearing out very easily and quickly, but not today. Today's carpeting is entirely different from days gone by. We have a whole new carpet for you to look at, with brands like Mohawk, Shaw, Masland, and Fabrica Dixie. In addition, you will find new carpets that have plenty to offer you and your pet.

Benefits of new carpeting

For one, stain resistance is a primary feature of the newer carpets. A majority of Brands offer stain resistance as part and parcel of their carpets. Some even guarantee odor and stain protection for years to come. Your new carpet won’t soak up pet stains and odors because the manufacturers treated the carpet during the manufacturing process. Nothing will wash off because nothing is added after the carpet is made.

Another benefit of new carpets is that they have special weave fibers. Some fibers won't snag on a pet's nails and run. So it doesn't wear out faster. In addition, your pet will not tear up the carpet due to these special fibers.

Ask us about pet carpets

If you are looking for a pet-friendly carpet, ask us about our Brands. Dalton Discount Floors & More is a carpet store that knows carpeting in and out. We want to be your carpet store. We have a showroom in Grayson, GA. Our service areas are Snellville, Loganville, Lawrenceville, Dacula, Lilburn, Duluth, Gainesville, Suwannee, and Buford. Let us help you find the right floor covering that is also best for your pets. Call us today!