As a homeowner, you have an array of flooring choices to choose from for your home and that fits your lifestyle. As you start to look you will want flooring that makes your daily activities and hobbies easy to manage so, ask yourself these questions:

Why am I installing new floors?  Think about your priority.  You may want to update your home or maybe you need something more durable.  Either way, knowing why you’re installing new floors can help you decide what is most valuable to you.

          Where am I installing the floors? Make sure the flooring is conducive to the area. If you  are planning on doing a bathroom your flooring should be moisture-resistant.

How long do I want my floors to last?  New flooring can be a significant investment. Consider installing floors that last a long time so you don’t have to replace them again in a couple of years. However, if you have children and you expect their interests to change as they get older, you may want a cheaper floor that you can replace later.

How much traffic will the floors have to withstand and who will be walking on them? You should consider the age range and the abilities of the people in your home. Is entertaining something you do often? If this is the case, you will want to consider flooring that can handle a lot of traffic, something soft under your feet or even something non-slippery. Or if you doing a luxurious master bedroom consider aesthetics and comfort.

How much time do I want to spend maintaining my floors?  If your lifestyle is a busy one you will want an easy-to-clean material. On the other hand, wanting an aesthetically pleasing material may require more effort in keeping it clean.

If you are a pet owner or a family with kids you will need something durable that can withstand scratches and accidents. The no-slip flooring is helpful for safety reasons when children are playing or pets run through the home. These low-maintenance high quality materials are the best options.

Vinyl: This product offers good traction that muffles sound and is comfortable under the feet of your children or for your pet.  This durable low-maintenance material doesn’t trap pet dander and it resist moisture and scratches.

Waterproof laminate:  This easy to clean material hides scratches and resists liquids to guard against accidents and muddy paws. Spills can easily be wiped up with a mop or clean cloth.

Hardwood:  This is easy to clean because it does not collect dander. Consider hand-scraped or distressed to hide imperfections. It is sturdy and can withstand all activities that your kids enjoy. Engineered hardwoods offer resistant to moisture and wear.
Flooring in Grayson, GA from Dalton Discount Floors & More

Those who suffer from allergies need an easy-to-clean floor with low volatile organic compounds.

Hardwood:  Easy to keep clean because it doesn’t trap indoor air pollutants. Be sure to use a zero-VOC or low-VOC finish to improve your room’s air quality.

Low-pile carpeting: Nylon is effective while wool should be avoided (traps moisture and mold).  Low-pile retains less dirt than shag options. Vacuum regularly as well as getting professionally cleaned. Also consider backing and any treatments that have been used on the fibers.

Laminate:  A seamless installation that doesn’t accumulate contaminants and cleans up in a snap.

LVP:  Easy to clean and dirt and debris do not get caught in any cracks.
Flooring in Grayson, GA from Dalton Discount Floors & More

With over 250 samples to look at, along with the expertise of our professionals, we are sure to help you find the best options that are a perfect for your lifestyle.