Vacuuming carpet after adjusting the height


Like all the extra attachments that come with your vacuum, tweaking the height adjustment knob will ensure you get the best clean possible. If you want to remove all your dust, dog hair and cookie crumbs properly setting the height on your vacuum cleaner can make a big difference.

Every brand and model is different so the number of height options will vary. A basic vacuum may only have two or three height settings to help you navigate different types of carpet. However, a multi-surface vacuum might have several options to accommodate different pile heights as will and the thicker or more plush piles of carpet.

When dealing with the basic 3 adjustments note that the lowest setting is ideal on bare floors or thin carpet. The middle setting is best for slightly thicker and the highest setting is best on plush carpets and area rugs.

The height adjustment on your vacuum cleaner does matter……it’s the very reason vacuum manufacturers add this option to their cleaners. Many people mistakenly assume that using the lowest setting is always the best when in fact setting the cleaner too low or too high can prevent your vacuum from working properly. When your vacuum is too close to the carpet the brush may not be able to turn properly causing not enough airflow to get the best suction. When using the highest setting on a flat surface or hardwoods the brush won’t be able to reach the surface which results in no suction leaving a dirty floor.

The method for changing the heights on your vacuum depends on the model. Most have a pedal you step on multiple time to raise or lower or you may have a knob on the front of your vacuum that turns to raise and lower the base.

To figure the best height to use for maximum results listen to the sound of the pitch or you can feel how airy it is when pushing the cleaner. You always want a less airy deeper sound when achieving the best results. If you are not getting the best suction or the results you want you may need to consider the following problems.

  • Clean off brush roll
  • Check bag or fill container
  • Check all hoses for debris
  • Replace the belt
  • Change the filter

For tips and tricks, make vacuuming your carpet a part of your cleaning routine at least several times per week. If you continually wait to vacuum when the carpet looks dirty you may need to hire a professional to deep clean. Take your time and move in all directions. If your home has specialty rugs or hardwood floors avoid vacuums with beater bars that could damage your flooring.